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We have prepared the following guide to assist you with your electronic file preparation and submission. If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, or have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Improperly prepared files can cause delays in manufacturing.


Quick Checklist




All fonts are outlined.

►Type is legible and crisp

►Page layout is correct

►Margins are set

►Artwork matches the specified dimensions (plus bleed where applicable)

►All files are flattened

►Colors in CMYK mode

►All fonts are outlined/converted to curves/embedded 





All images intended to go to the edge of the final product should extend by at least 1/8" past the edge of the final product. This way, there will be no white space or border showing around the final piece due to manufacturing variances while cutting. It is also important to keep text at least a 1/8" away from the edge or the trim line for this same reason. 

Color Specifications



Print previews are not a safe and sure measuring tool for color accuracy. Colors on the file might be affected by monitor calibration, screen resolution and lighting, just to name a few. Many Pantone colors show a marked color shift when converted to four color process.
For one, two or three color jobs printed in Pantone spot color, make sure your colors are specified as spot color and they separate correctly. You can test this by printing separations on your laser printer.
To achieve the desired color on press, digital files must reflect accurate color models and percentage. Please make sure all colors are in CMYK mode for color accuracy and a better quality output when printing full color.

Image Resolutions


►All images and pictures should be 300 dpi.

►Rasterized text or logos should be 1200 dpi.

►Screen values should be between 133 lpi and 150 lpi.


Guidelines by Application


The following outlines the specific file requirements by application. If you have any questions, please contact our graphics department. And remember, ALWAYS open the file you are about to submit before doing so. Many times, your Photoshop or Illustrator or CorelDraw file looks great in its native program - but when Saved As or Exported as a PDF things may happen in that process such as loss of images, incorrect flattening of transparencies, etc. Following the guidelines below will help minimize these errors - but, again, always look at the file you are about to submit.

Adobe Photoshop


►Files should be 300 dpi at 100% of actual size for quality offset reproduction.
►Files saved in PDF format must embed all fonts and set the screen value to 133 lpi. Saved as a Photoshop format (tiff, jpeg, psd, etc.) must be 300 dpi.
►Files must be flattened, with no layers other than a Background Layer.
►Files must have 1/8" bleed where applicable and 1/8" minimum margin.

Adobe Illustrator


►Color Mode must be set to CMYK.
►All fonts must be outlined.
►All layers must be flattened.
►All images must be embedded and at least 300dpi at size used.
►Document Raster Effects Settings should be set at "High (300ppi)".
►Files must have 1/8" bleed where applicable and 1/8" minimum margin.
►Files saved in PDF format must be saved at the Press Quality preset, embed all fonts, include bleeds, and must not downsample images.


Digital Proofs


On many products we provide a 1-Hour Online Proof. You can select this option during the ordering process in the same page where you select your quantity and other options. If you choose to, once the order is placed, you will receive an email with a link to view your proof. This will happen within 1 hour of placing your order. This proof will show you your file exactly as it will print with bleeds and minimum margins indicated so you can make sure you have bleeds and margins.
On products where 1-Hour Online Proof is not an option, we provide PDF files as electronic proofs. These will usually be emailed to you the day after your order is placed, so it will add 1 day to your turnaround time. We are gradually rolling out the 1-Hour Online Proof option to these products and will eventually offer it on all products on our website.
Neither of these proof options are intended for color accuracy. They are simply intended for you to check your layout, bleeds, margins and to make sure nothing defaulted in your file during your process or ours.