3.5 X 2 Spot Color Business Cards - Print on 2 Sides

You can specify up to three ink colors for the front, and up to two ink colors for the back. Choose from our 18 standard ink colors, or upgrade to other PMS ink(s) (Fluorescent Inks not available).

Raised ink on the front of the card is the standard, and by default the back prints as all flat ink. You can, however, choose other options. On the front of most stocks, you may change to flat print, or upgrade to a combination of raised and flat printing. (See details under "Card Stocks" below.) On the back, you may change to all raised ink. (Mixing flat and raised ink is not available on the back.) Three colors raised is not always possible if all three colors register. If you have a 3-color card where all three colors register, we recommend you request a quote when art is available.

Choose from our many paper stock options, or supply your stock to us (see details under "Card Stocks" below).

If your art bleeds (if a background or graphic element is designed to print to the edge of the piece, or is closer to the edge than the standard 1/8" margin), a charge of $12 per edge is added.

Other features affecting your order can include:

  • PMS ink color other than our standard colors - Add $25/color (Fluorescent Inks not available)
  • Heavy ink coverage (solid areas covering 50% or more of the card) - Add $12

For templates, click the "Templates" tab above.

Quantities over 10,000 available by quote.

Stock, Ink and Turnaround Times (Delivery method, ink options, and upgrades affect turnaround times):


Business cards with just black and/or reflex will turnaround in 2 days.

Our standard colors and PMS ink colors will be 5 days.

Other features which may affect turnaround time include:

  • Bleeds
  • Round cornering
  • Combined raised and flat ink printing

Card Stocks: (Stock colors vary by stock choice)

  • 80# Smooth
  • Astrobright 65#
  • Metallic 12pt C1S*
  • 100# Smooth
  • Astroparche 65#
  • Mirrorkote 12pt*
  • Classic Crest 80#
  • Classic Laid 80#
  • Royal Fiber 80#
  • Classic Linen 80#
  • Fluorescent 100#
  • Velum 67#
  • Classic Linen 100#
  • Index 140#

*Flat print is not available on the front of this stock

You may also supply your stock to us. With most card stock, we ask for 3.5 X 8.5 (4-up) sheets and ask for 20% overs (minimum 100 sheets). Please provide heavier stock (anything over 100# cover) at 3.5 X 8.75 (4-up).

When supplying pre-printed stock the file must match the size of the stock provided with the art laid out and positioned exactly where it should print. BCE will imprint your art on the supplied stock and return the stock to you uncut. BCE will not imposition art or cut supplied pre-printed stock.

BCE will NOT be responsible for the cost of any supplied stock due to manufacturing misshaps.

Quotes:  Looking for something you don't see on our website? We are happy to help! You can request a quote either online - just click "Request a Quote" from the green bar at the bottom of this page - or by phone at 727-812-7367 (Estimating Department).

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