Shiny Self-Inking Stamp Replacement Dies

When you need to replace the die in a Shiny stamp, you may order a replacement die. Specify the model number of the stamp, and upload your art. We produce the Shiny die for your customer to install.

For templates, click the "Templates" tab above. (Outside black boxes are for show only and do not print. Green dashed lines represent safe area and do not print.)

Turnaround Times  (Delivery method and quantity affect turnaround times): Stamp dies ship out on Fridays every week. Place your order by Tuesday at 6pm to get it the following Friday.

Quotes: Looking for something you don't see on our website? We may be able to help! You can request a quote either online - just click "Request a Quote" from the green bar at the bottom of this page - or by phone at 727-812-7367 (Estimating Department).

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