8.5 X 11 Spot Color Letterheads With Foil- Print on 1 Side

With foil on spot color letterhead, you receive all the advantages of spot color printing, with the added distinction of foil.

On letterhead, the foil can be placed at either the top of the letterhead, or the bottom of the letterhead. Specify one foil color from our 17 standard colors. (For other design options, and other colors of foil, please request a custom quote.)

For letterhead using foil in combination with ink, you may also specify up to two ink colors (without bleeds) from our 18 standard colors, or upgrade to other PMS ink(s) (Fluorescent Inks not available).

The ink may print as flat or raised (thermography). However, if your customer will print on this stationery using a laser printer or a photocopier, you MUST select Laser Safe printing. This is a method of printing that prevents the thermography from melting in the high heat of a laser printer or copier, which can damage both the letterhead and the drum of the equipment. For Laser Safe printing, add $15/1000 (minimum $15).

Note that foil is not recommended for fine details. When choosing foil, the font sizes you use for text should be large enough to avoid plugging.

Choose from our many paper stock options, or supply your stock to us (see details under "Paper Stocks" below).

When letterhead prints in two ink colors that touch or are within 1/8" of each other, this constitutes close registration. (Close registration also applies if two colors are designed to line up along one or more directions.) 

And when you combine foil with ink, your design may also contain critical registration (when foil touches the ink and/or registers with the ink in any way). For example, if two lines of foil are designed to be evenly spaced between a line of ink, this is considered critical registration - the line of ink must be kept perfectly centered between the foil.

Please request a custom quote if your art:

  • Contains ink which registers with ink or with foil
  • Bleeds
  • Overprints
  • Includes multiple processes
  • Is non-standard work
  • Requires areas of foil larger than 3x3

For templates, click the "Templates" tab above.

Quantities start at 250, and quantities over 5,000 are available by quote.

Foil, Stock, Ink and Turnaround Times (Delivery method, ink options, and upgrades affect turnaround times):  Turnaround time: 7-10 days

Foil Colors:

  • Black
  • Satin Gold
  • Rainbow*
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Cool Green
  • Shiny Red
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Pearl*
  • Teal
  • Crystal*
  • Pink
  • White Satin
  • Bright Gold
  • Pomegranate

*This foil color is not recommended for small type

Spot Color Inks: (No bleeds)

  • Black
  • Orange (PMS #165)
  • Reflex
  • Midnight (PMS #295)
  • Red (PMS #185)
  • Metallic Gold (PMS #872)*
  • Forest (PMS #348)
  • Metallic Silver (PMS #877)*
  • Cranberry (PMS #201)
  • Pantone Purple
  • Burgundy (PMS #207)
  • Pantone Yellow
  • Teal (PMS #320)
  • Gray (PMS #423)
  • Green (PMS #355)
  • Process Blue
  • Brown (PMS #469)
  • Rhodamine

*Metallic inks are not recommended for Laser Safe printing

Other PMS ink colors: Add 3-5 days ($25/color)

Other features which may affect your order include Laser Safe thermography, multiple processes and non-standard work.

Note that heavy coverage is not recommended; no bleeds.

 Paper Stocks: (Stock colors vary by stock choice)

  • 70# Offset
  • BCE Linen
  • Classic Laid
  • 24# Bond
  • Classic Linen
  • Classic Crest

You may also supply your stock to us. We ask for 8.5 X 11, and ask that you provide 20% overs (minimum of 250 extra sheets).

Quotes:  Looking for something you don't see on our website? We are happy to help! You can request a quote either online - just click "Request a Quote" from the green bar at the bottom of this page - or by phone at 727-812-7367 (Estimating Department).

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