3.5 X 2 Spot Color Business Cards - Print on 1 Side

Specify up to three ink colors from our 18 standard colors, or upgrade to other PMS ink(s). On the front of a spot color card, raised ink (thermography) is the standard. And if you prefer flat print, on most stocks you may change to flat, or upgrade to a combination of raised and flat print. (See details under "Card Stocks" below.) Three colors raised is not always possible if all three colors register. If you have a 3-color card where all three colors register, we recommend you request a quote when art is available.

Choose from our many paper stock options, or supply your stock to us (see details under "Card Stocks" below).

If your art bleeds (if a background or graphic element is designed to print to the edge of the piece, or is closer to the edge than the standard 1/8" margin), a charge of $6 per edge is added.

Other features affecting your order can include:

  • PMS ink color other than our standard colors - Add $25/color
  • Heavy ink coverage (solid areas covering 50% or more of the card) - Add $12

For templates, click the "Templates" tab above.

Quantities over 10,000 available by quote.

Stock, Ink and Turnaround Times (Delivery method, ink options, and upgrades affect turnaround times):

2 and 3 colors cards will be determined by the color that prints the latest.

All other PMS ink colors will be 5 days. 

Other features which may affect turnaround time include:

  • Bleeds
  • Round cornering
  • Combined raised and flat ink printing

Card Stocks: (Stock colors vary by stock choice)

  • 80# Smooth
  • Index 140#
  • Classic Laid 80#
  • 100# Smooth
  • Vellum 67#
  • Fluorescent 100#
  • 120# Smooth
  • 10pt C1S*
  • Metallic 12pt C1S*
  • BCE Linen 80#
  • Astrobright 65#
  • Mirrorkote 12pt*
  • Classic Linen 80#
  • Astroparche 65#
  • Royal Fiber 80#
  • Classic Linen 100#
  • Classic Crest 80#

*Flat print is not available on this stock

You may also supply your stock to us. With most card stock, we ask for 3.5 X 8.5 (4-up) sheets and ask for 20% overs (minimum 100 sheets). Please provide heavier stock (anything over 100# cover) at 3.5 X 8.75 (4-up). BCE will NOT be responsible for the cost of any supplied stock due to manufacturing misshaps.

Quotes:  Looking for something you don't see on our website? We are happy to help! You can request a quote either online - just click "Request a Quote" from the green bar at the bottom of this page - or by phone at 727-812-7367 (Estimating Department).





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